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Grupo Frontera Announces "Jugando A Que No Pasa Nada" US Tour

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Grupo Frontera, a six-member música Mexicana group from South Texas, has quickly risen to stardom since their debut in 2022. The band, consisting of Adelaido Solís, Julian Peña Jr., Alberto Acosta, Carlos Zamora, Carlos Guerrero, and Juan Javier Cantu, initially gained attention with their viral TikTok cover of Morat’s “No Se Va.” Sus auténticos sonidos de norteño y cumbia y sus actuaciones cautivadoras les han ganado una base de fanáticos dedicados y numerosos reconocimientos. Grupo Frontera has collaborated with renowned artists like Peso Pluma, Shakira, Christian Nodal, and Bad Bunny, further solidifying their place in the music industry. Their debut album, “El Comienzo,” achieved significant success, amassing 2.8 billion streams and earning critical acclaim. The group continues to captivate audiences worldwide with innovative music and dynamic live shows, making them stand out in the música Mexicana scene.

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